Roof Maintenance

The Roof Institute states:
“The number one reason for establishing a program of regular roof maintenance inspections is to protect the owner’s roofing investment.” A properly executed maintenance program will not only add years to the life of the roof, it will detect minor problems before damage is widespread, and will avoid interruption of the internal functions of the building.”

Preventive maintenance is a requirement of all roof warranties and is the building owner’s responsibility to perform and document. Your roof warranty can be voided by the lack of preventive maintenance.

RoofUSA offers preventive maintenance programs that are custom designed to your and your building’s needs. Preventive maintenance increases the longevity of your roof system while reducing the operating cost. The NRCA (The National Roofing Contractors Association) states that preventive maintenance adds 30% - 100% service life to your roof system.

RoofUSA Roof Maintenance Programs range from a simple annual inspection to performing routine maintenance with multiple inspections on multiple locations throughout the USA.

Your RoofUSA network service provider is certified by every major roofing manufacturer to service your roofing investment without voiding your existing manufacturer’s warranty.


For a small annual investment the RoofNET preventive maintenance program provides the following service options:

  • Initial Survey Analysis
  • Remedial Upgrade Maintenance
  • Annual Inspection(s)
  • Annual Service Plan
  • Complete Service History and Budgetary Plans

Avoid the high cost of roof replacement. A small investment in a planned preventive maintenance program can save you significant money and time. Identify and eliminate the cause of small problems before they become expensive problems.

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