Our History

RoofUSA’s track record is anything but old-fashioned. RoofUSA has continually met new
developments in roofing materials, technology and installation complexities with highly skilled, trained and certified professionals, well-versed in virtually every type of roofing system.

Whether it is maintenance or replacement of your existing roofing, waterproofing weather barriers, or the design and installation of new applications, the RoofUSA network is prepared to meet and exceed your expectations.

A commitment to quality is the centerpiece of RoofUSA’s success. To us, quality is more than conformance to a set of requirements and specifications. Quality is a mindset and process that ensures your interests come first. As a certified and trained provider of every major roofing manufacturer, we act on your behalf with single-source responsibility.

The result is a total roofing system solution that protects your assets, saves you money in the long run and extends the lifecycle of your roof.